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You can create a public report from either the Leads tab or the Filtered reports tab. From the Filtered reports tab click on the New Filtered Report button. Name your report, then select the channel, Ad, and Landing Page you’d like to filter. There’s the option to select All of a category or just one. Once saved you can click on the report to get the URL of the report. This can then be sent out to interested parties. It can be used to compensate channels for the successful lead conversions they sent. If tracking leads it is also useful to view which channels have the most successful and highest quality leads.

The Filtered Reports tab will keep a list of all the filtered reports that you create.

CSV reports

All data is recording and displayed in table format. It can be viewed by clicking on the respective tabs- Landing pages, Ads, Channels, Routing rules, and Leads. It can readily be exported in CSV format for further offline processing, reports, and manipulation. Click on the Export CSV button and it will export the data and allow you to save it to your local computer. You can then view it in Excel, Notepad, or any other program that can read CSV data. It can also be imported into a database if desired.