• Advertising Agencies

    Offer your clients performance-based campaigns and track results of your network, channel per channel. Give your editors a personalized report of goals reached for the campaign.

  • Advertisers

    Diversify your ad spending, pitch one channel against the other and discover which one is performing better.

  • Media Agencies

    Organize and track click-, lead-, sales- or acquisition-based campaigns on an unified platform. Create role-based access to let clients track results.

  • Control your campaigns,
    improve your results.

    You know your target, and you’ve carefully chosen the channels to invest in. Your creative team is ready to blow users off with effects-stuffed banners. Your web designers are crafting the catchiest landings.

    But how will you choose which combination of channels, ads and landing pages is the most effective?

    Replo helps you discover the best tools among the ones you’re using, and take the wisest decision for your future campaigns.

  • Features

    • really simple integration
      (only few lines of code!)
    • can be used with any type of advertisement
      (even offline!)
    • monitoring of multiple goals for each campaign
    • synthesis charts
    • filter data by multiple parameters
    • CSV data export
    • Wizard for creation of new campaigns
    • real-time statistics

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